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SAGA: Curse of the Shadow 2013
6.9 of 65

SAGA: Curse of the Shadow

HD 4.9 111 min
Somewhere in time and space, there is a battle between the evil and the good. The Prophets of The Order are trying to restore civilization while The Shadow is trying to revive the God of Death. The female elf bounty hunter Nemyt Akaia fights against the criminal Fangtor Bloodmoon and kills him. However she is cursed by him with the Shadow mark on her wrist. When she goes to the nearby castle to collect her reward, she is arrested because of the mark and sentenced to death. Meanwhile the human Ambassador of Light Keltus the Wanderer chases the dwarf Gyarmuck to find the real intentions of the Shadow and he learns that the orcs have a powerful vessel that they will sell to the Shadow representative. Keltus heads to the castle where Nemyt is imprisoned and he finds that she has discovered where the orcs are going. He brings her with him to seek out the horde of orcs and promises that the Prophetess would help her to get rid off her mark. On the beginning of their journey they find Kullimon the Black that was left behind tied up to two trees by his former horde after being betrayed by the orc Mulgrut. The unlikable trio teams up in a journey to avoid that the God of Death returns life and destroys the civilization.


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